July 18, 2024

YouTube capital is its channel subscribers, likes, and watch hours. Likewise, the capital of Instagram is its likes. Having high likes translates to high possibilities of getting currency. And who will not like to earn from Instagram? Reaching true likes is what matters a lot. But this is not a simple task as you’ll think. Someone will tell you to buy Instagram likes. But before buying, check on my previous post on the consequences of buying Instagram likes and followers. This article will give you the best three easy ways to get more likes on Instagram;

  1. Reshare your posts
  2. Like other posts
  3. Timing

Reshare Your Posts

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or any other social platform? If you’ve got followers there, share your Instagram content with them. You’ll make some sign up for Instagram for the first time and you’ll be the first person to welcome them there.

This is one of the freeways to get likes. Instagram is programmed that gives you an automatic sharing option, suggesting platforms like Tumblr, Whatsup, and Facebook among others. Though different platforms might limit the way your post will appear there, in the end, all followers or subscribers in them will have a view of your stuff.

Like other’s posts too

Soon as you enter into the social media world, you should notice that selfishness has a 0% net worth benefit. You should like other’s posts too so that they may pay back your contribution to their channel.

 Check someone who has posts similar to yours, follow, and possibly comment. That person will obviously, if not 100% turn out, 50% will come back to go through your profile and if he/she gets something related to his/her post, alike is a must. Liking other’s posts also gives you more ideas on what to improve in your content hence becoming competent.


Being smart in timing is an added advantage to you seeking to have more likes. Be consistent. Let your already gained audience or followers know when they are expecting something new from you. This will increase their engagement. 

You should also note the time when many people are free and browsing through their smartphones and laptops. Track Maven has shown that the posts that get the highest engagement are from 10 pm to 3am.

 This engagement may go up due to low competition on the posted load; hence your post will get a bit of competition. However, it’s good to consider if your content is right to your audience. Timing may be a challenge to you due to your busyness. But this can be solved by the use of the Instagram scheduling tool.


Businesses create Instagram accounts targeting to reach a wider range of customers. These customers can be reached if they follow the business’s account to see the most updated posts.

 This article has outlined three ways you can increase the likes. Sharing your posts on other platforms, like other’s posts and proper timing can do you a surprise. For Instagram to be beneficial to business, you have to work hard to monetize it.