June 15, 2024

The tradition of writing to Santa Claus is an integral part of Christmas festivities. On the eve of Christmas, young souls make wishes and ask for gifts from Father Christmas. If your child could get a letter from Santa, how would that be?

There is no such thing that can’t take place online. From food delivery to a letter from Santa, everything is possible thanks to the Internet. Now, if you write a postcard, does it reach Father Christmas? And what about the mails, do they stand a chance to be reverted?

Children have always fantasized about Santa Claus be their yearly wish approval man. Coming with a sleigh, rushing through snow-clad roads, along with his elves, Santa is a busy man. So will he reply to the mail sent? Most certainly! A letter from Santa has traditionally been writeups from parents to their young souls, making them believe in the mysticism of the North Pole resident.

In the 1900s, newspapers had special wings to reply to emails sent by children hoping for a reply back. In those letters, interesting stories would pop up some funny, some sweet while some would also be very harrowing. This fad of the Christmas tradition was further heightened by Christmas carols, songs, movies, and poems.

So, to keep the child rooted in the tradition, parents should be encouraging their wards to write either letter or make wishes online. In the online medium, it is a lot easier. Children can make cards, take pictures and send them to the email of Santa Claus. Another way is signing up to a reputed website and filling up the required details and they are sure to get a reply back.

The fields are really simple to fill and any tech-savvy kid can fill it themselves with some assistance from parents. Children should first mention their full names; else how would Santa know it is his obedient kid or the despicable little one. Next, the age category needs to be filled up.

Following this, the online form would want one to mention whether one has other siblings or not. These websites also reply with personalized pictures of children with Father Christmas. Children love to frame them and keep it as a souvenir.

After this, the fields to be filled are important. First is the yearly account of the child. Has the child been good or bad? This is helpful to understand whether the child realizes their faults. If they do, they would mention it. As they know, Father Christmas knows everything. So lying to him is not an option.

These accounts are oftentimes complaints about parents, teachers, and friends who have irked the child. Such accounts can be hilarious to read. However, at times they also throw light upon the complexities of the child’s psyche. It is helpful, therefore, for parents to know what their child is going through.

Lastly, the gift a child wants is to be mentioned. Parents should preach to their children the traits of humility and gratitude as Saint Nick is granting their wishes. The letter is then submitted and a letter from Santa will reach the child in no time.