May 20, 2024

The never-ending cycle of working to make ends meet, going on a vacation, or reading a book is not just about spending money or investing time, but a need for a break for our minds, which, unfortunately, comes with the worry of whether it was worth the money and time invested in it. But what, if instead of a monotonous cycle of earning and spending, you spiced up your life with a bit of anticipation? If the idea of this thrill sparks your interest, online competitions and giveaways might be exactly what you are looking for.

Be it an electronic gadget or a vacation, a book, or a valentine’s gift for your significant other(or the soon-to-be, after the 14th of this month), online competitions have a range bound to surprise you.

But are These Competitions Even Worth the Hype?

The very reason for which you are spending your time reading the words of a stranger sitting in front of a screen with a posture as deformed as yours.

The more boring one’s daily life becomes, the more we crave a healthy dose of dopamine- the happiness hormone. We all have been at the point where we order an amazon product and wait for it to arrive at the door, our patience not lasting even half an hour before we check for the updates on delivery again, knowing fully well that it is supposed to be delivered 2 days later. We know how these small fun things in life bring colours to an otherwise monotonous canvas of life.

But what if instead of a new shirt that others might not even notice, you won a weekend break with the Pretty Woman the Musical?

The surprises and thrills of competitions are endless. Even when you are unable to acquire the dream prize, you are unable to forget the thrill they bring along, not just to you but your family waiting for that new refrigerator!

How does One Participate in a Competition?

Entering a competition is just about a few clicks on your social media. For example, one giveaway that caught my eye was one to win a bean bag and pouffe. And the method of participating and of winning is almost too easy to believe, with the prizes as grand as these!

To enter the aforementioned competition, all one has to do is follow the account ‘beanbagbazaar’ on Instagram, the one that is hosting the giveaway with its beautiful beanbag design, and like the picture and share it. And that’s it! You enter the competition as easily as that! Through the simple procedure of using your Instagram account for earning a prize instead of unproductive scrolling it brings all, day, one can win a chance to get icon_uk bean bag + pouffe bundle in a style of our choice!

And many more similar exciting giveaways and competitions await you. All you need is a social media account and a few people to share the posts to, who could reap the benefit of the giveaway too!