June 15, 2024

Do you have a bunch of JPG files that need to be Convert JPG files online? If you’re looking for a free and easy online tool to accomplish this task, PDFsimpli is the perfect solution for you. With just a few clicks, you can change your JPGs into sleek and professional-looking PDFs in no time. In this article, we’ll go over the steps on how to make the most out of this versatile tool.

Step 1: Upload Your JPG Files

The first step to convert your JPG files to PDFs is to upload them to PDFsimpli. You can choose to upload files from your computer or from cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. After selecting your files, you can add them to the PDFsimpli website to start the conversion process.

Step 2: Arrange and Merge Your Files

Once your files are uploaded, you can arrange and merge them in the order that makes sense for your document. This is perfect for creating PDFs of scanned images, such as receipts, invoices, or contracts. If you have a multi-page document, you can easily reorder the pages for a more coherent final output.

Step 3: Customize Your PDF Settings

One of the great features of PDFsimpli is the ability to customize your PDF settings. You can choose the file name, select the size of your PDF, set the margins, and even add a password for security purposes. This allows you to create a PDF that matches your preferences for the perfect final product.

Step 4: Convert Your JPGs to PDFs

After setting all the details of your PDF, it’s time to convert your JPG file into a PDF. Click the “Start Conversion” button to begin the process. The conversion won’t take long, and once it’s complete, you can download your new PDF right from the website.

Step 5: Save Your PDFs

Finally, you can save your PDF files to your computer or send them directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive. You have the option to share it with others, print it out, or simply store it for later reference. Your PDF is now ready to be used for any purpose you require.

In Short:

In conclusion, PDFsimpli is a fantastic tool for converting your JPG files to PDFs. Its simple interface and customizable settings make it the perfect solution for anyone looking for an easy way to convert files. So next time you need to create a PDF file, look no further than PDFsimpli – it’s the easy and free way to turn your JPG files into polished and professional PDFs.