June 15, 2024

When buying a pellet stove like in Ecoforest for instance, ensure that the power is adequate for the space to be heated. Ensure the correct installation and regular maintenance so that the salamander works safely and optimally. Find out how to choose the best salamanders.

  • The heaters Pellet are devices that use pellets firing to produce the heat necessary for heating a room.
  • They can heat several rooms if you choose a model capable of transmitting heat through ducts.
  • There are models with various power levels that must be adjusted to the space to be acclimatized.
  • The models feature an internal pellet deposit, whose automatic feeding allows them to operate for extended periods without direct user intervention.
  • This equipment provides the possibility of the programming operation, an added value of the control.

Before buying, check the stove’s internal pellet deposit capacity: as a general rule, larger deposit, longer autonomy.

Make Sure The Stove Is Installed By Someone Qualified For The Purpose.

Remember to carry out the regular maintenance defined by the manufacturer to the appliance and the installation (electrical part and chimney) to ensure that the stove works in optimal conditions.

How To Install A Pellet Stove At Home?

The biggest difficulty to consider is the chimney placement outside: it may require authorization from the condominium or city council.

Then there are small technical issues.

As pellet stoves are heavy equipment (some models weigh more than 100 kg), it is necessary to check whether the structure of the installation room supports this weight.

What Precautions Should I Take When Installing The Pellet Stove?

In addition to the weight, the necessary conditions for the exhaustion of the combustion gases and the minimum distances from curtains, furniture, sofas, or rugs indicated by the manufacturers must be guaranteed.

These stoves radiate heat from the outer surface, and the risk of fire must be avoided.

The room where the stove is installed must have adequate air renewal, as the stove uses the air from the room to combust the pellets.