Are you wondering what the next step is to grow your business? According to the experts in audio-visual marketing, an explanatory corporate video undoubtedly increases the online visibility of a product/service. As a result, it boosts the sales. It is confirmed by current marketing statistics. Today 4 out of 5 millennial watch videos before making a purchase. Get in touch with the best video production Company in New York if you want to leverage the growth of the business. Among the infinite possibilities offered by the audiovisual format, explanatory are a powerful tool for entrepreneurs. 

What is an explanatory video?

It is a short video that explains a business in a simple and interesting way, capturing the viewer’s attention with attractive images and clear and concise language. The best explanatory videos show how a product/service can help the audience solve a problem and why your company’s product/service is the best option on the market. With corporate video production of New York you can reach to the potential clients at affordable prices. 

The videos will help you position your brand in search engines like Google. Do not forget that today YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web so the presence of your brand there will surely allow you to increase your online visibility. An explanatory video is a powerful tool to achieve effective communication with your potential clients. Not only will you show your product, but an explanatory video goes much further. It generates a connection between your brand and the audience, an essential condition when making the purchase decision. Share your idea with video production agency in NYC and see how a simple video message can leverage the growth of your business.

Write a script

This first step is the foundation for the entire process. The next steps will be delayed if the script is not proper and in detailed. Take your time for your writing because it will pay-off throughout the production stage. Before you proceed, you must know that who you want your audience to be. You can write your script, or you can share the thoughts with the best video production company of New York and let the professionals take care of the rest.

Draw a storyboard

After writing a script and before starting the voice-over, there comes another important step: a storyboard. It is a pre-production process. It will help you to imagine (through still images) what the actual video will be like.

Voice over

In this step you will record the voiceover that will tell the story. As a general rule of thumb, the voice-over in the explanatory video must match the characteristics and appearances of the characters in the video, as well as it should be according to the gender, style, situation, age, and style. 

Animation and music

All the characters and elements that were created in the previous step will be given movement to carry out the action. Music enhances the emotions that the story conveys. A professional video completely adapted for your brand will need unique characters. Sound effects can be added to give the story more verisimilitude.

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