May 20, 2024


Singapore has presented a modern system for Business Pass (EP) applications, known as the Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS). This activity is planned to guarantee that remote experts complement the neighbourhood workforce, instead of competing with it. 

The COMPASS system assesses EP applications based on the person and firm-related criteria, pointing to bolster Singapore’s objective of creating a competitive and different workforce. 

If you are considering enlisting or applying for an EP in Singapore, understanding the COMPASS necessities is significant. Here is a brief diagram of the key components and necessities beneath COMPASS: 

Person Criteria 

1. Compensation: 

The applicant’s compensation ought to reflect the tall quality of the experts Singapore points to draw in. 

2. Capabilities: 

The instructive foundation and proficient capabilities of the candidate are surveyed to guarantee they meet the high guidelines anticipated for Singapore’s New Employment Pass (EP) Requirements – COMPASS

3. Encounter: 

Significant work encounters, particularly in parts of authority or in specialized areas, is considered. 

4. Abilities in Deficiency: 

Candidates with aptitudes in segments distinguished as having a deficiency in Singapore will have an advantage.

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Firm-Related Criteria 

1. Differences: 

Firms are energized to have a diverse workforce. Those with the next concentration of a single nationality may confront more examination. 

2. Bolster for local Business: 

Companies that illustrate a commitment to contracting and creating the nearby workforce will be seen favourably. 

3. Commitment to Singapore: 

Firms that contribute essentially to the Singaporean economy and society, either through commerce hones or community engagement, will advantage.

Usage and Focuses System 

COMPASS works on a points-based framework, where candidates must score the least number of focuses to qualify. Focuses are granted based on the criteria specified over, among others. The system is planned to be straightforward, permitting candidates to get how their applications are surveyed.  

Usage Timeline 

The COMPASS system was set to be executed in stages, beginning with a pilot stage sometime recently being completely coordinated into the EP application preparation. 

At first, companies seem to get criticism for how they are admitted beneath the COMPASS criteria without it influencing their genuine applications. This was expected to give businesses time to alter to the unused framework. 

Effect on Businesses and Outside Experts 

Businesses must be more key in their enlisting, ensuring that remote enlists are not fair filling parts but are moreover contributing to the company in ways that adjust with COMPASS criteria.

Remote Experts ought to guarantee that their aptitudes and experience not only coordinate the work necessities but also adjust with Singapore’s broader financial and social objectives as sketched out by COMPASS. 


For businesses and people looking to explore the COMPASS system, it is fitting to allude to migration and business specialists who specialize in Singaporean law and workforce necessities. They can give direction custom-fitted to your circumstance, making a difference for you to meet the unused EP necessities viably. 

In case you are looking to contract for in-depth counsel and help with Singapore’s modern EP necessities beneath COMPASS, guarantee that they have a demonstrated track record in Singaporean business and migration things. 

Such experts can offer priceless bits of knowledge and bolster in planning your application or altering your commerce hones to comply with COMPASS.