June 15, 2024

There are quite a few custom bobbleheads e-stores nowadays. They make custom bobbleheads with just your photos. They have bobbleheads for sports, music, graduation, military and what not. You can dress up these bobble heads in a variety of ways. These bobbleheads come in the form of wine cork stoppers, standalones and in different other utilities. In regards to celebrities, they have everything from john Cena to Donald trump. You can as well put your own bobblehead in that arsenal. All you need to do is find a good store and order a custom bobblehead for you. You need to just supply with a decent picture of yourself. 

Major applications of bobbleheads

These bobbleheads have three major applications in any settings. Firstly, it serves as best gifting items or for personal use. Secondly, they can be used wedding cake toppers. Thirdly, bobbleheads are one of the best promotional items. Moreover, there are more uses to it such as wine cork stopper, table weight, etc… Let’s look in-depth on all three main applications of bobbleheads. Mention the applications and uses of custom bobbleheads that we have missed, in the comments section.

  • Bobbleheads as wedding cake toppers

Custom bobblehead frequently finds its place in wedding cake toppers. They can be customized to resemble the appearance of the bride and groom. The cutting edge 3D technology makes it possible to make the bobblehead to closely resemble the photographs of the couple. There is a wide range of styles to choose from. Themes like the bride and groom holding hands and grooming carrying the bride in arms are quite popular. 

  • Bobbleheads for personal use

Besides using bobbleheads as gifting items, people buy it for personal use as well. It has got a lot of fans worldwide. Apt bobbleheads can be placed on your rooms and tables that reflect your personality. The huge bobbling heads can resemble the face of yourself or your loved one. Personal bobbleheads have emerged as a popular collectible in the recent times. 

  • Bobbleheads as promotional items

The doll is not at all intimidating and certain to have zero haters. Hence, savvy marketers can make best use of them as effective promotional items. Its ability to be created in any theme makes the promotion much more effective. For instance, you can gift bobbleheads that resemble a doctor, when promoting a healthcare center. You would have noticed many Hollywood movies following suite, to promote and also to expand merchandise. It’s quite easy and inexpensive to create bobbleheads of fictional characters. 

Apart from the above mentioned applications, the bobbleheads can be used as gifting items for holidays such as birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, Christmas as just about anything.