June 15, 2024

Skin irritation and trying to prevent them is the biggest challenge that all French bulldogowners face. Bulldogs are no doubt the cutest little paws in the world but they are also very sensitive and can fall sick anytime.


To give your Frenchie dog the best care, certain precautions should be taken. Making them feel comfortable is very necessary.As it is said ‘prevention is better than cure’, certain tips should be followed to make sure that they are having a good life.

Food allergy

Frenchie dogs often have food allergies. Therefore, it is important to maintain a proper diet and keep a tab on there eating behavior. Whether they are eating the right amount or trying to avoid the food, it will give you an idea if they are facing food allergy. If a certain food item leads to food allergy in your French bulldog, try switching to other alternatives. Before trying any new food products, go through the packet information, and then try by giving a small quantity. If your dog shows no sign of irritation, you can feed your dog a larger quantity.

Medical care

Allergy medications and Immunotherapy are good medications when your Frenchie is facing any kind of allergy. These allergy shots work wonders on bulldogs but it is very necessary to make sure that it is prescribed by the vet. Anything which is not prescribed by the vet might turn to be hazardous.

Specialized shampoo and body soap

The coat of bulldog is mostly washed with regular shampoos and it doesn’t have any negative effects on them. But, if at all they show some unexpected behavioral changes while taking the bath, it is very important to give them a medicated bath and wash them with medicated shampoos that are easily available in any pet shop. Using specialized shampoos and soaps for bulldogs is another very effective way to keep away any kind of skin irritations and dandruff.

Watch their walk

Frenchie dog owners are very well aware of how much they love their walks and playing outdoors. But, streets and parks might have some infectious bacteria that might lead to skin problems for Frenchie bulldogs. Therefore, it is very important to keep a watch on their walk. Try not to take them to a place that has been sprayed with insecticides and pesticides. Wash their paws and clean them after every walk. Get a wet towel and rub it over their face, body, and paws to remove any chances of infections or skin irritations.