Food is life; more so, good food. Potato farmers have consistently supplied the world with good potatoes and potato calories for several decades, and so, we can never overemphasize the benefits of farming and agriculture in general. Check out some of them:

Means of living

For many across the world, providing food to consumers is their way of making ends meet. Around 70% of people worldwide rely directly or indirectly on agriculture as a means of income. 

Contributes to national revenue 

For many countries, agriculture, whether fish farming, livestock farming, poultry farming, cash crop farming, or subsistence farming, contributes largely to the nation’s income. Different parts of the agricultural food chain help to push funds into the revenue of nations across the world, and that cannot be overemphasized. 

Raw materials source

All raw materials have to either be mined or cultivated first before they are engaged in the process of production or manufacture. Major industries rely on sugar, tobacco, cotton, jute fabric, and other materials to manufacture several items for final consumers to purchase.

Foreign exchange

Countries rely on agricultural produce for foreign exchange activities. Agricultural supplies like spices, oilseeds, cotton, coffee, tobacco, and jute are largely exported across countries by international producers to international buyers; this makes for a certain percentage of many countries’ GDP. 

Employment opportunities 

Several sectors are connected to the agricultural sector and therefore open up job opportunities for that country’s citizens. The need for water has led to the construction of irrigation schemes, and drainage systems construction has largely led to the employment of more labor force, giving more employment opportunities across the board. 

Food supply

Very few people can survive without food for weeks.  Food is the main requirement for any country to survive. When a country has enough food supply, there is less tendency for malnourishment and hunger, and of course, the poverty rate will be affected positively. 

Agriculture is the most environmentally pleasant method and reliable source of living for humans. Research has opened our eyes to the importance of food and exploration of certain food types like potatoes with an all-around health benefit. Potato calories are perfect for the average adult, and potato calories are not as much compared to other tuber crops. 

The health sector has greatly benefited from agricultural activities. Certain plants are specifically planted and harvested for their medicinal use –plants like sage, elder, common mallow, plantain, and others.

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