June 15, 2024

Birmingham is one of the more sought-after places to live in the UK. Offering plenty of job opportunities, shopping choices, and a comfortable lifestyle, Birmingham has been growing over the past several decades to become quite popular for young couples and established families. But for those who have the means to purchase the finest houses in Birmingham, there are places in the city that are carry a hefty price tag.

What follows are the five most expensive places to live in Birmingham. Each area has its attributes, but the benefits they carry can be pricy. And as you may suspect, most of these areas consist of suburbs that surround Birmingham proper.

Four Oaks

Located just over seven miles north of Birmingham is the suburb of Four Oaks. It has become quite popular in recent years thanks in large part to the easy community into Birmingham proper, especially with the trains passing through. Four Oaks is also quite pleasant, offering a peaceful setting with plenty of shopping and amenities.

The average detached home price in Four Oaks is £347,000, making it the lowest on this list. However, the price of homes in the Four Oaks area has risen over 17% in just the past few years.


One reason why this community has become so desirable to live in the mile-long conservation area located along its High Street. Add to this its convenient location and attractions and you have a remarkable community that is on the rise.

The average price is roughly £505,000 for a quick property sale for a detached home in Henley-in-Arden. But that price is growing as it has increased over 16% in just the past five years.

Hockey Heath

Located about 12 miles to the south of Birmingham, Hockley Health is the most expensive of all places to live in general area. Over the past five years alone, the average price for a detached house has risen over 15%. The advantages of living in Hockley Heath are considerable, starting with the beautiful countryside that has drawn the wealthy to this location. Plus, there is excellent shopping and commuting to Birmingham proper.

It is why the average cost of a home in Hockley Health is £597,000. But you do get considerable amenities for that price.


Located right next to Solihull, Knowle is one of those charming English villages that has become one of the hottest places for the wealthy to live in the region. Offering all the advantages of other locations on this list, Knowle is still relatively small by comparison. However, the average home price has risen over 14% in the past five years.

The average price of a home in Knowlel is just over £500,000. For many, the price is worth it considering all the advantages of living in this remarkable community.


Located about five miles from Hockley Heath is Solihull. Once a small, quaint town, it has grown considerably over the past several years as a viable alternative to Hockley Heath in terms of purchasing a home. Like Hockley Heath and Wales, Solihull also features beautiful country, plenty of amenities and quick commuting into the city.

These are just some of the reasons why Solihull boasts an average detached home price of £482,000. It’s little wonder considering all the advantages that this remarkable town offers.