Everyone has a dream wedding in mind. Some of us have been dreaming about it since childhood. All the details have been ironed out. Suddenly, there is a problem with one of the catering companies Virginia you have signed up with. Below are common wedding day problems with the caterer you might be facing, and ways to avoid them.

There is not enough food

This is the hitch: You would want to be prepared to feed all of your guests until they are happy and satisfied, but you also do not want to waste money on food that will not be consumed. This can be an even bigger problem if your meal setup is more formal and actual sets of plates are prepared a few hours before the reception. Suddenly, despite your very systematic RSVP system, a company of 20 decides to attend your wedding at the last minute. What do you do?

If you have prepared for 200 guests, coordinators and caterers would always advise you to prepare for at least 10% more guests. This is simply because while there is the RSVP system, you don’t want to suffer from a lack of food in your reception. Also, talk to your catering companies Virginia how they have handled guest overflows in the past. Obviously, they will also need to do something about last-minute table needs. You might need to prepare one or two tables for surprise guests.

The caterer double-booked

While there are plenty of catering companies in Virginia that would make sure their team is not split up during your big day, don’t be shy about asking what they usually do if they have accidentally double-booked. Can they ask for help from another caterer? Are they capable of accommodating two big events at once? Will this be a problem? Take note of how your caterer reacts. If she shows you a system that makes sure she is only booked with you on your special day, then that should be enough.

Their food served is not what you chose

You can easily solve misunderstandings with the food choices by going for food tasting sessions, including the menu in your contract with the caterer, and talking to the caterer days before your wedding reception. To lessen mistakes with food choices, you should choose catering companies Virginia that get plenty of good feedback and are less likely to make mistakes during your big day. This is a very important thing to consider because you might have dietary restrictions to consider.

Someone has food allergies/intolerance in the guestlist

Always ask guests if they are allergic to food, or if they would prefer certain menus because they are vegetarians. In fact, some catering companies would be happy to split the menu choices if it really is necessary, and if you can pull it off classily. Ask about vegans or vegetarians among your guests. Don’t be afraid to ask them too, about food intolerances and allergies. Take note of all these and talk to your caterer about it.

People changed food preferences

Sometimes, especially if your guest is known to follow diet trends, their preferences can change in a matter of months. Talk to your guests if they would still like the same plate set maybe a month before your wedding day. Set another meeting with your caterer. This can happen if you booked your caterer a year before. Don’t be shy because they are used to these changes.

The prices for ingredients hiked up

If you asked for a price quotation 7 months or more before your wedding, there is a big chance that one of the ingredients in your chosen menu has already become more expensive. Your caterer will usually warn you about price changes. Keep your communication lines open. Most of the time, this can be resolved simply by changing one of the dishes. At other times, you may need to adjust the food choices to fit your budget, or you can also simply pay more.

There are a lot of picky eaters

Kids are usually part of the entourage for weddings. That being said, they need to be considered when you are planning your reception. It is always advisable to separate food for kids. This way, the caterer can give them cheaper and more palatable plates which they would surely eat. You can also request the kids to be seated in a special table so they also feel like they are socializing with each other.

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