June 15, 2024

The air ducts in our home perform flawlessly every day, and it’s only fitting that we take the time and energy to give them a proper clean when the time is right. Because they’re a bit hard to reach and tend to sprawl throughout our homes, duct cleaning Ashburn VA is best left to professionals. This way, the job is done safely and more efficiently.

If you called a cleaning company to take care of your air ducts, here are 8 tips to prepare your family and home beforehand.

1. Communicate well with the cleaning team

It’s important that when you place the call to a company that does duct cleaning Ashburn VA, you tell them the size of your house and how long ago it’s been since your ducts have been cleaned. This way, they can tell you how long it will take and estimate the price. This will also give them the time to get the right tools and plan their operation efficiently.

2. Remove obstacles that can pose difficulty and danger

To ensure that duct cleaning Ashburn VA will run smoothly, take the time to remove any furniture or items that are close to your air ducts. This way, the cleaning team can move fast, and there’s no risk of injuries when someone trips or a heavy object falls on them.

3. Cover furnishings and appliances

There can be all sorts of dust and dirt trapped in your air ducts that can float around once the grills are removed. Get a big sheet of plastic and use it to cover the items in your home, so they don’t get dirty or damaged by the dust. This will also protect them from scratches and make cleanup a lot easier.

4. Don’t schedule a home project

The cleaning crew needs a lot of space when doing their job of duct cleaning Ashburn VA. Once you’ve made the appointment, block that date on your calendar and don’t schedule any big projects or get-togethers at home. Those will have to wait another day.

5. Arrange for a place to stay

To avoid getting in the middle of all the dust flying around, you might need to look for somewhere else to stay temporarily. Families with a big yard can take advantage of their outdoor space. However, if you don’t have enough room and you’re concerned with allergies or little kids, better book a room or stay at a friend’s place on the day of the cleanup.

6. Explain the layout of the house

Once the cleaning crew arrives at your house to do duct cleaning Ashburn VA, take the time to show them around. Knowing the home’s layout will give them a better understanding of the space so they can act strategically and do the job faster and better.

7. Avoid the impulse to hover

Cleaning crews have seen hundreds of air ducts in their years of working together. Don’t micromanage and hover over them while they’re doing the job. Instead, trust them to do the right thing so they can concentrate.

8. Be ready to clean surfaces after the crew leaves

Once the job is done, take the time to wipe down surfaces or hoover the floor to eliminate some leftover dust or dirt. Knowing this beforehand will help you plan your day.

When it comes to duct cleaning Ashburn VA, home and business owners trust our team of professionals at JCS Home Services. Contact us today to book an appointment.