May 20, 2024

Someone wise once said, ‘Nothing brings people together like good food.’ When it comes to the language of interiors, and in addition to food, nothing brings people together than good dining set furniture. Dining tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, materials and seating numbers. This makes it a confusing piece of furniture to pick, considering there are so many styles too. Is farmhouse formal? Rustic classic? Rustic Modern? Sleek and contemporary? Before you sigh an anxious heave with the overwhelming choice in a dining set online and otherwise- browse through Wakefit ultimate guide to select the perfect set that suits your dining room functionally and aesthetically too.

Measure your Space

Ensure to measure up the dimensions of the room before you start planning the space. This step is extremely important as it will clearly tell you what can fit and what just won’t. Next, mark the potential table-to-wall distance to allow your guests to be able to slip into and exit the table after a meal freely. Rule of thumb? Keep a 100-150 cm between your table and the nearest wall. If you intend to add a buffet table or any other furniture in addition to the dining table, it is important to measure the space for clearance between the dining table and furniture too.

A clever tip to measure the potential dining table set location is to use masking tape to tape the dimensions on the floor. This way, you get an idea of how big or small a table can fit in the given space.

Choosing the Right Seating Number

This one is tricky to get right, especially if you have a nuclear family but expect guests at all times. When choosing the right seating number, it is important to consider the following:

  • The number of guests sitting must be able to sit comfortably without elbows bumping into each other
  • Each person sitting needs approximately 50-60cms of space for eating.
  • In case you have more guests, your table must comfortably accept an additional, if not two, seating for the rare large gatherings.

Reputable brands like Wakefit offer 6 seater dining set with or without cushioned seating that offers comfort and plenty of room to host dinner guests. Don’t need a table that big? Opt for a simple 4 seater dining set that is compact for the regular nights but can squeeze two seats comfortably too. Remember, the shape of the table also influences the number of seats that the table can have- which takes us to the next point.

Shapes Matter

Did you know, apart from the seating count, the shape of a table can influence how large or crowded a room looks? Small round tables are perfect for tight spaces, especially for 4 seater dining sets. For large expected crowds, opt for a rectangular shape that’ll give plenty of areas to display delightful treats while allowing guests apt eating space and freedom of movement. Long rectangular dining tables are also the best dining furniture shape for narrow rooms as it allows plenty aerial space.

Got a square room? Mimic the shape on your table to create an intimate and enjoyable dining experience. The intimacy is owing to the fact that everyone on the table will be at equal distance and therefore can be comfortable. Whichever you choose, keep in mind the furniture must not be bulky, falling into the rest of the furniture traffic.


Let’s face it. Dining tables get messy with potential spills, stains, colour fading from heat and weather conditions (true story). That’s why it’s important to pick a dining set that’s easy to clean with minimal aids and maintenance. While glass table tops are a breeze to clean and maintain, they can be aesthetically boring with not much personality to share.  It also poses a serious hazard to homes with small kids and physically challenged people. Marble tops, too, are expensive and require daily wipe-downs, scratches easy and gets dull over time.  Wooden tables, on the other hand, offer a charm of their own and can sustain most weather changes. What’s more, a simple wet cloth is enough to wipe it down.

Style Sense

Another important factor to consider is your dining area décor. Is it a separate room, or does it form part of an open layout? The latter needs careful planning to ensure your dining area décor doesn’t clash with the living room. Our best bet? Whether Boho or contemporary sleek, pick a simple table with a pedestal base that won’t get in the way of the diner’s legs. For a timeless look, grab a teak wood table. It’s durable, strong and gives a stunning classic look that has stayed trendy across time.

Style the table with stunning accessories like a table runner, fresh flowers, towering candle stands, jute placemats, upholstered and cushioned seating etc. Apart from what’s kept on the table, ensure to match the curtains hanging from the windows to your dining décor too. Start the curtains from the ceiling to the floor to create a larger space illusion around the table area. Another great tip is to invest in a table highlighting pendant light that can be turned on specifically during dinner. This creates a cosy feel and accentuates your table texture and accessories. Keep refreshing the accessories depending on the season, and you have a dynamic, eye-catching table that’ll have your guests glued to!


Like any other focal furniture, dining tables are an expensive investment. Do your research well, checking the dining set prices online and make a comparison to know which one works best for you. Many online manufacturers like Wakefit make the decision easy by offering quality, affordable dining table sets with installation and delivery- free of charge! They also offer the option of buying dining furniture as individual pieces, so you don’t get stuck with a table you love but chairs you hate.

Dining tables are a great place to spend time with family and friends alike to share stories, laughter and memorable moments. Invest in one that delights the evening with the tips shared above.