June 15, 2024

After just one look at cars from the past and today and it is clear that a lot has changed. All of these changes are due to the constant innovative ideas by manufacturers who want to make vehicles better, safe, and more affordable for consumers. One of the top issues that car manufacturers have tackled is fuel economy.

The solution for poor fuel economy is the invention and installation of injection pumps in modern cars. While most drivers cannot pinpoint where it is located and what the Mercedes Benz injection pump looks like, it is evident that these pumps have made a big difference and now play a major role in cars to function.

Here are some facts about the injection pump that will help all drivers understand and appreciate its purpose:

The End Of Carburetors

In the 20th Century, all vehicles on the road relied on the carburetor’s suction power which was responsible for mixing fuel and air to deliver it to the engine. This mixture is what gave the engine power to carry cars from one destination to the next. Although the use of the carburetor worked, the combustion system consumed too much fuel and had trouble regulating the balance between fuel and air required for different RPMs.

Enter Fuel Injections

The solution to the problems of a carburetor was the invention of fuel injections. The injection now uses a fuel pressure regulator to which provides a steady vacuum of pressure. This draws the fuel from the tank and sprays a mist of gas that is perfect a mixture of fuel and air into the vehicle’s combustion chambers, giving it power.

Types of Fuel Injection

Today there are two types of fuel injection mechanisms found in cars, one of which is more popular and common than the other. These are as follows:

Mechanical Fuel Injection Pumps – These pumps are no longer as popular as they once were. Mechanical pumps are considered high maintenance because it requires regular mechanical metering of the air that goes inside of the engine as well as monitoring of the fuel that goes inside the injectors. With all these components, the mechanical pump is hard to calibrate.

Electric Fuel Injection Pumps – The electric pumps are now the standard for modern cars. These pumps are programmed to work according to the needs and uses of the car and its driver. For example, the Mercedes Benz injection pump is programmed to deliver a different amount of air and fuel to regular cars whereas race cars will have a different injection program.

With these functions and pre-programmed pumping, electric pumps require less time to tune and do not need re-tuning as often as their mechanical counterparts. This makes them more preferable as they are easier and more convenient to have inside the car’s engine.

With proper care and continued maintenance, the fuel pump injection of any modern vehicle can last a very long time. Pay close attention to your car’s fuel needs and other signs of injector deterioration to replace parts that are starting to show signs of malfunctioning.

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