June 15, 2024

Just like traditional chess, an online chess game is a strategic game that involves a lot of carefully planned tactics. Each player plays with sixteen pieces with the ultimate goal to checkmate the opponent’s king. The key is to gain control of the game at the beginning itself. This gives you an upper hand as far as your opponent is concerned. A single wrong move can turn the game 360 degree and your opponent may pounce on the chance to dominate the game.

Here are some tips and tricks that help you control the game and emerge a winner 

– Know the Basics– It is very important to familiarise yourself with all the rules of the game that you want to play. This is all the more essential in Chess, as every piece moves differently and has a specific place on the chessboard. Furthermore, there are certain variations in Fantasy chess, that make it all the more interesting and thrilling. Understanding these rules will help you make the right moves at the right time.

– Opening Move – You must have heard the saying, ‘Well begun is half done. A well-planned opening move, more often than not, brings the game in your control. It sets the tempo of the game and paves the way to a win. A weak move at the beginning of the game makes you vulnerable and gives your opponent a chance to attack you. Generally, the pawns should be moved first as they open up the path for the other important pieces on the board. Think about which ranked piece you want to move first and move the pawn in front of it.

– Control the Centre – Try to occupy and cover different areas of the chessboard with your pieces, but the centre is where the actual game is. Try and control the centre of the board as this will give you more room to play and attack your opponent. The King’s and the Queen’s pawns can be moved two square up, subsequently, moving the knights to the centre.

– Move two or three pieces alternately– Do not concentrate on just one piece on the board as it may jeopardize your other pieces. Develop other pieces too, moving them gradually to a position from where they can attack the opponent. Even a high ranked piece is of no use if kept in the same position for a long time. Your opponent will not be able to judge your motives if you move different pieces, thus giving you that much-needed edge on the game.

– Try not to lose pieces early- All the pieces have been assigned certain points. The pawn has one point, the knights and the bishops have three points each, the rook has five points, the queen has nine points while the king has infinite points. You need to keep these points in mind when it comes to sacrifice some of your pieces during the game

– Move your pawns carefully – Although pawns have just one point, they prove extremely useful as decoys for all the important pieces. So, do not lose them recklessly. Moreover, unlike other pieces, their movement is restricted to just one direction. You cannot move them back so think twice before moving them up on the board.

– Take your time – Look at the whole board carefully before planning your next move. Sometimes, you have certain moves in your mind and concentrate on them, forgetting to pay attention to some threats lurking in a corner of the board. Make it a habit to carefully examine all the pieces on the board before making your next move. This is the most common mistake that players generally do when they are in a hurry to make a move. So, keep your cool, take your time, and look at the placement of all the pieces on the board before moving a piece.

– Make moves that force your opponent to respond – Look for opportunities to make a move that will force your opponent to respond immediately. These forced moves push your opponent on the defensive, thereby reducing the chances of an attack from him. Such moves keep the opponent busy in defending his pieces and don’t give him a chance to attack yours.

– Keep a watchful eye on the opponent’s moves – Plan your moves keeping your opponents strategy in mind. Don’t lose your cool even if you find yourself surrounded from all sides. This attack maybe your opponent’s strategy to divert you from making a possible move that could help you win the game.

– Use Pairs strategically – Knights, bishops and rooks come in pairs and can prove very useful if moved wisely. These pairs can be used in different permutations and combinations to make a winning move. If moved strategically these pairs can even prove to be stronger than the Queen.

– Save the queen to be used later in the game – The Queen should not be used early in the game as it is an invaluable asset and should be saved for the final battle. Avoid putting your queen at unnecessary risk at an early stage. If your opponent is successful in eliminating your queen, he will immediately be at an advantage and in an attacking mode.

– Keep your king safe – The ultimate goal of chess is to protect your king. Castling should be done at an early stage to safeguard the king. Try to vacate the space around the king and move it to a corner, away from all the action that goes on mostly in the centre of the board. Moreover, rooks also come into play and can be used to attack the opponent.

There! Once you familiarise yourself with all the rules of the game and keep these simple tips in mind while playing, your game will improve drastically. Remember, practice makes a man perfect, so stop thinking and start playing chess online two-player game. Enjoy the thrills of making strategies to win. All the best!!