June 15, 2024


More and more businesses are leveraging messaging applications for better communications, one of which includes Telegram. With Telegram, users can initiate conversations with enhanced security and privacy benefits. Still, despite its many protection features, there are several factors to consider to say the app is secure, like Telegram compliance.

There are many ways you can ensure Telegram monitoring for your official business communications. Check out the tips we gathered below:

Enable Two-Step Verification

While Telegram is already considered secure due to its encrypted messages feature, unauthorized access remains risky if you or your employees misplace their phones. Fortunately, Telegram offers two two-step authentication methods to secure your account more efficiently.

One method is to enter a password every time you log in to a new device. This ensures intruders cannot access your account using another phone, laptop, or PC. The other method is the traditional two-step authentication method of sending a unique code via SMS.

To enable 2FA, proceed to the settings of your Telegram account and click on security and privacy. From there, tap on two-step verification and enter a password. You can also set up a recovery email if you forget your password.

Use Self-Destructing Messages

Telegram has a feature where messages and media sent can self-destruct and never leave a trace. Self-destructing messages and media disappear after a certain time, ensuring your chats are kept private from prying eyes who might access your conversations. These can be helpful when sending important documents over chat.

Select an attachment and click on the stopwatch icon next to the send button to send a self-destructing media. Select how long you wish your message to last, then click send.

Lock your App with a Password

Assume someone has stolen your phone used for business, and you did not enable a screen lock to keep intruders out. Without protection, these individuals can access your Telegram account even with its encryption settings. To ensure you don’t risk data leaks from phone theft, lock your app behind a password.

Intruders won’t be able to access your Telegram unless they input the password. To set this up, go to the privacy and security section of your app’s settings and enable a passcode with a passcode lock. Input your code, then tap confirm.

Use an Archiving Tool

Intruders are not the only ones you should be wary of; compliance has always been complex for businesses. While you may not worry about unauthorized access, your company risks committing a regulatory violation. Organizations have become tighter in enforcing the rules, so you must have a solution to prevent legal repercussions.

Fortunately, Telegram archiving fares well in keeping your company compliant by keeping a detailed record of all interactions sent to and from your app. To learn more about Telegram compliance and archiving, visit us at LeapXpert.