June 15, 2024

Chasing Cherry Blossoms Tour - Klook India

The spring is one of the seasons when tourists schedule their traveling itineraries across the world. If you are planning to arrange a trip to the Japan, the cherry blossom season is sure to be on your mind. The earlier you plan the trip, the better it is to view the flowers in full bloom. No wonder, the cherry blossom season is the all-time favorite season for local as well as the tourists traveling to this country. The peak season of the loom can differ, but you should forecasts o the previous years and the current year to avoid missing the tickets due to the rush. You can visit the national tourist site of the country to know how the season of cherry blossom can pick steam.

Plan early and stay longer

To find out when is the best cherry blossom tours, you need to speak to your tour operator. The season of cherry blossom witnesses a large number of tourists every year. Therefore, you can miss the peak time of the bloom if you do not arrange the trip early. Moreover, the accommodations are likely to stay packed during this season due to high influx of tourists. If you are keen to make the most of the cherry blossom tour, extend the trip and visit different parts of Japan to be a part of hanami. Staying in the country longer also takes you to different spots where the blossoms are in full swing.

Hiking or rail travel

You can spot cherry blossoms near the shrines, castles, or temples, but the big cities may not provide the opportunity of vowing the flowers, except in the parks. Therefore, you can ask your travel operator to get a rail pass. You can take a bullet train to travel through Japan and view the blossoms. If you do not like to travel through train, hiking is another activity that allows you to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the high mountains. Tal to your tour operator and enjoy the cherry blossoms in and around the country.