June 15, 2024

How to Change a Metal Watch Band without Holes in the Case - YouTube

For many, it is very exciting to have a little package in their hands, open it to find their new watch. It’s almost like going back to childhood and opening the long-awaited birthday or Christmas present, taking that piece in your hands, and seeing how beautiful and shiny it is, and finally, get it around your wrist.

Everything about it is perfect, shiny, new, and matching so why change the straps? If you have put close attention on it you will notice that over time the straps or bracelet of a watch usually wear out, either because they dry out, break, or in the case of metal bracelets so what once looked perfect to you over time will lose that fit without taking into consideration the wear and tear that can be seen on it.

For these reasons, owners of luxury watches tend to change their bracelets shortly after purchase, keeping the bracelet only to use for a special occasion or in case they decide to sell it, its price is not so low, after all, the better the watch looks, the easier it can be sold.

One more reason is due to the lifestyle of the watch owner, that is, some people dedicated to an office job may prefer leather straps that unlike metal ones are easily replaceable, do not get hot or cold in extreme climates, nor do they get scratched when in contact with the desk or computer keyboard. Some prefer their high end watch straps metal straps for more formal and elegant occasions such as that business dinner or the wedding of a family member or friend, they usually work well when practicing water sports because their integrity does not run the risk between humidity and their firmness assures that they will not break easily. On the other hand, those who usually practice outdoor sports and who have a fashionist in their being usually choose to have a wide collection of textile or silicone straps in different colors and designs to combine with their outfits and activities, thus providing a completely different air to their timepiece.

Horus watch straps experts recommend to keep in mind that it is important to choose their high end watch straps because not only will have a pleasant feeling in your skin and a good aesthetic but also will provide complete security that your watch will be safe because it will not break easily in addition to a good strap will ensure that you have the aesthetic effect you are looking for.

After all, whether it’s for practicality, trying to preserve its economic value, or mere vanity, choosing their high end watch straps can completely change the aesthetic of your watch, making it much less generic and undoubtedly making it a unique piece that reflects your true personality, is without a doubt that subtle touch of style that will distinguish you from all the others so don’t think about it anymore and dare to experiment with your watch you can find very interesting options not only in the main department stores and jewelry stores but also online with the advantage that this last option can make it reach the comfort of your home.