Technology is making it easier for many aspects of today’s society to flourish. Computers and the internet have made communication and the sharing of information easily available with just a click of a mouse. Most areas of businesses have used technology to their advantage and have had many positive results from its use including those involved in the medical profession and the main source of this advantage for the medical profession is through the use of electronic health records.

An electronic health record, or EHR, is a system of keeping track of every aspect of a patient’s health history so that no matter where a patient goes for health care, there is a detailed record of their health history. Electronic health records make it easy for doctors to share health information in a digital format across the medical network so that a patient can be serviced better. Through an electronic health record, a doctor can easily access information about a patient’s health past including everything from medications taken, to allergies the patient has, so that the patient can be more properly taken care of.

Not only are EHR’s making it easier patients to receive better quality health treatments, but it is a system that is helping make the job of a doctor easier. An electronic health record can reduce cost and make it harder for the doctor to make mistakes in diagnosis and treatments of patient’s ailments. When all of a patient’s medical information is easily accessible through the use of a computer, it makes the job easier for a doctor and leaves little room for error. Through the use of EHR’s, the medical field is truly experiencing the benefits of today’s technology.

Some systems are starting to allow doctors to approve prescriptions and review medical labs from their smart phones. And patients are able to login to secure websites and view medical lab results and get messages from their medical providers. This is another way this advancing technology is helping society become more efficient in the way healthcare is practiced now and in the future.

Electronic health records are a very helpful and beneficial way for both patients and doctors to experience total health care treatment. EHR’s make it easier for a doctor to treat a patient because all of the patient’s information and health background is easily accessible with just a few clicks of a mouse. EHR’s are now beginning to experience a more widespread usage throughout the medical profession and it is helping both patients and doctors get the most out of their health care experience.

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