June 15, 2024

TFT is one of the most famous modes of League of Legends recently. It was released a few months back and have received a lot of popularity. However, since it is a new mode, players are still discovering new things about the modes and how the gameplay for the same can be made better. Well, league of legends elo boost is one way to make the game ranking increase without spending a lot of time. But there are a lot of other things one need to observe and take care of while playing the game.

Check your  loss and win statistics

Checking your stats regularly can hep you win matches in the future. It not only helps you to understand where you lack but also lets you know about the skills and advantages that you are using properly. Stats help you to identify where you are going wrong in implementing your strategies and using your characters. It’s not only increasing your experience, but also making you better at the game. Make sure that you do not lose a lot of health and bring maximum damage to the enemy in order to improve your stats. If you are consistently losing fights then it will also show in a very bad way for your stats.

How to strategise before the match starts

In a typical strategy game, if you are not using the team and skills properly against the opposite team, you will never win a match. It is important for you to understand which character has what type of skills and what can it be used against. You should also check the number of units you already have and the units you need to purchase or require for the future matches. You cannot win a match by simply using one character always. Try to mix up things and use different character with unique skills in order to see which one are you more conformable with.