June 15, 2024

Something you may have been taught is not to worry as much what the scale says as what the measuring tape shows. This is perhaps a difficult concept for some people to understand, but if you try it, you will discover the facts.

Lose Inches Instead of Pounds

One habit many people find difficult to break is that of gauging their weight loss with what the bathroom scale shows. The truth is sometimes the scale doesn’t reflect any weight loss, but you have lost inches. This is obvious while you are building muscle from exercising. This is also one of the reasons doctors and dieticians say not to check your weight more than once a week—you may show a weight gain some days due to muscle mass, which could lead to frustration. You should judge your weight loss on a weekly rather than daily basis.

Your Exercise Regimen Could Show Weight Gain

Depending on the type of exercise you perform and whether you are just getting started on an exercise  regimen you may see a slight weight gain as you build muscle. Muscle mass will reflect a weight gain, but the body will show a reduction in inches. If you rely on the bathroom scale, you will think your diet isn’t working even if you are following it correctly. However, if you follow the measuring tape, you will notice a change in the circumference of different parts of your body. You might also notice a difference in the way your clothes fit even if the scale did not show any difference in your weight. You can also try supplements like Lipozene, Hydroxycut, Slimquick, and etc to help you with your weight los goals it might work.

Let the Measuring Tape Be Your Guide

Thee are many factors that can control your body weight, so you should rely more on the number of inches you lose rather than the number of pounds. This is also true of the way clothing fits; if it’s looser, you know you’ve lost inches even if you didn’t notice any difference in your body weight. Allow yourself to see the big picture and not just one aspect of it.