Before the advancement of technology, you would play the pg slot games in a land based casino site. However, that has changed.  With technology shaping every aspect of our lives, you will find a wide array of online gaming sites. These sites feature a wide array of online casino games and other sports. You should also know that different manufactures manufacture the software for these games online. The latter comes with a much powerful online casino gaming capability. That is why 5 reel slots are common nowadays in the online casino sites compared to 3 –reel slots. Not to also mention that 5 reel slots provides players with an opportunity to win more.  In this article, I will provide you with different types of slots.

Slot Machines reels.

As previously mentioned we have moved from playing slotxo slot games with three reels to ones with advanced number of reels.  The three reel slot was the first type of slot machine to come in play. Just as the name suggests, they came with three reels as well as other fruit symbols. Paylines in the three reel slot games is easy to understand.  The payline will range from 1-3. Aside from the payline, you will also have bonus features on the light side of the reels. If you are newbie to playing slots, 3 reels slots would be a perfect place to start.

Aside from the 3 reel slots, you will get the 5 reel slot games. The latter type of slot is a popular format that many online casino sites use today.  With an increase in 2 reels from the traditional 3 reels, you will get paylines ranging from 9 to over 1000. You will also get scope to add to the plenty of extra features and other bonus rounds.  You will also get 6 reel slots today, and even 7 reel slots.  The former slot has been enacted from land based casinos. Compared to 5 reel slots, 6 reel slot comes with a much larger payout.  If five and six reels are not enough for you, you can play the 7 –reel slot. The game will provide players even with a much larger combination. Aside from the paylines, you will get more opportunities to bet on.

What game types do the slots reels make?

Depending on the type of reel a company will choose, you will have different types of online slot games to play. The first one is the video slot. If you will play the video slot, you will get more symbols to play per given amount of reels.  With even newer video slots coming up with even more advanced feature.  Another popular casino game is the fruit machine. The games will feature three reels. They also come with many bonus features such as the trail bonus.

You will find different types of mafia88slot machines to play. Slot machine reels come in different forms. You will find three reels, five reels, and 7 reels slot machine games to play.

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