June 15, 2024

Be it cleaning your home regularly or cleaning your home quickly before guests arrive, it is very essential to know a few tips to make the entire process very quick, easy and efficient.

Here, you will find some most effective and efficient ways on how to do the entire thing within a few minutes and how to save money in this regard.

1. Using clean cloths and sponges

The most important factor to make your home clear is: You must use clean clothes, sponges and other tools. Using dirty clothes will not fulfill your desire entirely and your most of the efforts will go in vain. So, to utilize your valuable time and money properly, you must use clean ‘Home cleaning tools’.

If you are using sponges, then first place the wet sponge into the microwave and heat them for a few seconds. It will kill the Bacteria in your sponge. After heating, keep it within the microwave for a few minutes to make it cold. If you don’t have a microwave, then you can use dish cleaners in case of sponges and Washing machines for clothes to make it bacteria free. A very good habit is to clean your ‘home cleaning tools’ after every home cleaning. 

If you are not keen to clean your home on your own, then there are several house cleaning services. You may search on the internet for them and will get a huge list of such service providers.

2. Use vinegar and paper to clean glass made materials

It is very effective to use vinegars and papers to clean the glass materials at your home. If you want to clean your windows and mirrors in a cost effective way then vinegar is the perfect product for you. This will save from the expenses of expensive cleaners and it is also a less toxic cleaning solution. Paper, especially news paper, has a soft fiber which will clean your glass products very smoothly and won’t create a single scratch on those. Now, let’s discuss the steps which you need to follow to clean your windows/mirrors with sponge and paper.

  • First you need to buy a spray bottle which are very easily available in the market
  • Fill the bottle with 50% of vinegar and 50% of water
  • Shake it very well so that the solution gets mixed very well
  • Spray them on the windows and mirrors
  • Take a newspaper and rub it on the sprayed area.

3. Cleaning your earthen pots

Denture tabs are very useful in cleaning earthen pots like your coffee or tea pots. First you will have to fill your tea pot with water and then drop a denture tab in it. After a few minutes the denture tab will get dissolved fully. Now, empty the pot and give a quick wash with water. 

4. Cleaning Bathroom elements

You can clean different products in your bathroom very easily only using a plastic bag and vinegar solution. This way is very useful especially for cleaning shower heads and other buckets in your bathroom. First, prepare water with vinegar solution and pour the solution into a spray machine. Spray the solution on the targeted places and rub the place with a plastic bag. Surely, it will work like magic and your desire will be fulfilled.

5. Wash your comforters

With a tennis ball, you can easily wash your comforters when it is being machine dried. You need not do anything, just put a few tennis balls within the machine with your comforter and start the cycle. 

6. Remove floor scuffs

Again, a tennis ball can be very useful to remove your floor scuffs. Just add a little baking soda on the scuff and rub the area with the tennis ball. Once it is done, wash the area with a clean cloth and then get surprised with the shiny floor

7. Clean faucet and stains

To remove the faucet and stains from the steel surface, lemon and salt can be very useful. First sprinkle some salts on the targeted area and take a slice of lemon. Now rub the lemon on that area. After a few minutes of rubbing, rinse the place with warm water to get shine.

8. Baseboards cleaning

You can clean your baseboards with dryer sheets. Just rub the dryer sheet on the baseboard and it will make your baseboard clean. After using the dryer sheet you will find a great smell from your room.

9. Remove hair from Carpet

If you have children or pets at your home then it is quite obvious that you will find hairs or far on your carpet/blankets. Don’t worry, just use squeegee to scrape over your carpets or blankets and see the magic. It is a very useful method to remove hairs from carpet.

10. Cleaning your couch 

Baking soda can be very useful in this case. First brush the couch to remove dirt. Now, sprinkle the baking soda on the area which you want to clean and keep it as it is for 20 minutes. Once 20 minutes are over, vacuum up the baking soda and get a clean couch.

  1. Clean stains from bathtub and sink

Here also lemon plays a great role. First sprinkle some salt on the stains and rub the place with sliced lemons. Once the rubbing is done clean the place with warm water and get back the shine.

12. Cleaning your television screens 

You can use coffee filters to clean your television or tablets screen. Nothing much you need to do. Just place the coffee filter on your TV screen and it will catch the dusts from the screen.

13. Dish cleaner Uses

Except dish cleaning, you can do a lot with dish cleaners like cleaning glass materials, ceramic materials or plastic materials etc. But one suggestion: before putting dish cleaner on any product, please be sure that they are dishwasher safe.

14. Baking soda uses

Baking soda can be used in many places like if you want to clean your silver made or gold made necklace or you want to clean any silver made candle sticks, then baking soda can be the best cost effective solution to you.

15. Clean your wall

Here pieces of bread play a big role. You can rub bread on the dirty place of your wall smoothly and after rubbing a few minutes the dirt will vanish. One suggestion: Don’t rub so harshly. If rub harshly, then the bread can break into crumbs which will not be helpful for you.