June 15, 2024

Right now, NEET 2021 is hovering over the minds of young medical aspirants across the country, and why wouldn’t it? In all righteousness, students who are preparing for the upcoming NEET-UG exams have been waiting to take up the test, given ample time for preparation. If you are one of those enthusiastic and inquisitive aspirants, you are here with the sole intention of cracking NEET with competitive scores.

You want to ace NEET in the most effective way which reaps you the best and nothing less to seek entry into the country’s best medical college. Given the surrounding hype, NEET 2021 does sound a bit intimidating, however, it is certainly not unvanquishable. With the right tools and smart planning, one can be certain of emerging victorious and could be well on one’s way to that dream medical college.

Top Two Tips to Improve Scores in NEET Mock test practice

No preparation is complete without having attempted mock tests especially when it comes to competitive exams. NEET mock tests are an emulation of the actual NEET question papers. They replicate the pattern of the test, answering scheme, syllabus, and everything that NEET in actuality entails. Undertaking mock test practices are a perfect way to ensure one gets habituated with the complete format of NEET only ascertaining success.

Having said that, many students with this tactic in mind have been rigorously solving as many practice tests and mock tests, with consistent scores. Seeing no sign of improvement can be discouraging, which is why we are here today. Here we bring to you the top 2, most essential tips that you need to follow if you are desperately looking to improve your performance in mock tests for NEET.

  1. Stop and analyze

It must be that you are attempting a mock test on a mock test, yet see no difference in scores. It does not necessarily indicate that you lack knowledge. It could be that you are missing out on something important which you have not included in your preparation and hence mirrored in the test. Stop! Stop taking up your next mock test in this case.

In retrospect, get hold of all your test papers and examine your performance. Identify your weak areas and make a note of them. Some reasons hampering your score could be a challenging topic or lack of time management skills to solve questions on time, or it could simply be that you haven’t covered that topic while preparing. Once jotted down, adjacent to it, list down all the corrective measures you can take for each of your weaknesses and start working on them right away. If followed diligently, you will be surprised to see that you have not faced the same problem the next time you attempted a mock test.

  1. Get better at being better

Not only your weak points, but one should also make a note of all the strengths. Remember, wise is the one who not only figures out and works on his/her weaknesses but also simultaneously is working on improving his proven plus points. Construe how you can get better at the skill set where you already excel so that it becomes a cakewalk for you when you actually take up NEET. This in NEET only saves time, and we all know how vital time is in competitive tests.

Hope you found these two critical points enlightening and will inculcate the same in your NEET preparation. For more such information and related concepts, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel.