June 15, 2024

If you want to participate in various entrance exams in the future, while studying in junior high school, then enroll yourself in a course like tutoring into Demonstration School [ติว เข้า สาธิต, which is the term in Thai]. 

These courses are carefully designed and well planned to cater to your requirement. Customized tutoring with a free demonstration.

Features of this course

This course will provide in-depth knowledge of English with lots of practice sessions in English. Your reading, writing, and pronunciation in English will improve after the completion of this course.

The small secrets of reading fast English, and new innovative techniques for learning the words and memorizing them quickly are another highlight of this course. Systematic learning with the help of fun songs will not only help you to remember the words but will have a lasting effect on your memory.

The free demonstration given by the tutors will attract you to enroll in the course.

Learning is easy

The whole process of preparing yourself for appearing in such entrance tests can become easy if you are guided by well-experienced and knowledgeable teachers. They will help you to overcome your weakness in this language and drive out your fear of this subject so that you gain confidence.

Grammar and vocabulary are the main areas where you can stumble. But a good demonstrative course will detect your deficiencies and guide you according to your level of acceptance. 

Every individual is different with a different skill set. So your course should be customized to suit your English skill and help you to upgrade it.

Visual display of the learning process is always considered the most effective method of studying. Many schools focus on this aspect and provide free demonstration classes to students like you.

If you want to enrich your learning experience then you should go to Demonstration School.

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