June 15, 2024

India, which has four primary school education boards (CBSE, ICSE, IB, and State Boards), is one of the most well-known centres of learning in the world. After passing their 10+2 exams, students need a variety of documents to apply for admission to reputable colleges and programmes for their higher study. A migration certificate is among the most crucial of these documents since, without one, students cannot continue to higher education. Only the education board, the college principal, or the dean have the authority to issue these migration certificates.

So, through this article, you can easily get through at What is it and why it is important? And Much More.

What Is a Migration Certificate?

Many people don’t know about the this certificate and always search for migration certificate meaning in hindi which is called as “प्रवासन प्रमाणपत्र“. A migration certificate attests that a student who has requested to migrate to a different college is qualified to do so and has passed the prerequisite exam. A migration certificate is required whenever someone transfers to a new board or school.

For instance, a high school student who has completed the prerequisites for the 12th grade must have a migration certificate to apply to a college or university to continue their study to graduate.

Why Migration Certificate is important?

Migration Certificate holds so much cruciality because of the following factors:

•Students who hold a migration certificate can enrol in the programmes and institutions of their choice. It is typically accompanied by other documentation that proves the student has met the requirements set forth by the institution and is eligible to pursue higher education. To put it another way, it shows that the student is prepared to advance to the next level of study.

•A migration certificate, which demonstrates your move from college to university, is required for you to be admitted to any university. It is mandatory even if you received your 10th and 12th-grade education in the same state as your university.

•Every time you apply for admission to a university other than the one you previously attended, it is required.

•The person won’t be admitted to the institution without a valid migration certificate. Although it is not necessary to provide this certificate to take part in the counselling session, it is required to submit an admissions application.

How to get a Migration Certificate?

To obtain it, students must apply to their current education board (State board, CBSE, or ICSE), along with an attachment of their mark sheet and their diploma from their prior school. They are also accountable for making the required payments.

What are the documents required for a Migration Certificate?

The following is a list of the documents required to grant this certificate. All of these papers must be submitted by the student to the relevant authority for that body to issue the certificate:

1. For the most current course or degree awarded a provisional certificate.

2. The current mark sheet or the final mark sheet.

3. The grade report from the previous semester or year (to prove that the student has passed the examination).

4. Aadhar Card 

5. Receiving payment

What is the validity of a Migration Certificate?

A student can use their certificate of admission once they have shown it to an institution anytime they make an application to attend another school. The character certificates have a six-month validity term.


Who issues a Migration Certificate?

Only the education board, the college president, or the college dean are authorised to issue these migration certificates.


An important document needed to pursue higher education at a recognised institution is a migration certificate. A certificate, in brief, is a helpful tool for getting into colleges and institutions.