June 15, 2024

The mats customized for companies are more than just accessories people clean their feet, but they are great to decorate the house entrances, buildings, and shopping. They can contribute a lot to the development of your business.

These products can increase your brand’s recognition because it is imprinted in the memory of people who visit your establishment. You can choose the size, color, and size you want so that the custom doormat is ideal for your company’s visual identity. In this way, the personalized doormat works with a welcome card and creates a better approach to your target audience.

Advantages Of Custom Doormats

A curious fact, did you know that cleaning 1m² of a floor can cost a company almost a thousand reais a year? For this reason, it is recommended to use doormats to contain much of the dirt that comes from your and people’s shoes. In addition to the cleaning of the environment that doormats promote, they bring other advantages for the environment, see below:


The doormats have a non-slip area that fixes it to the floor, so it doesn’t move easily. In this way, it can guarantee the safety of people in places where the floors are smooth and can cause slipping.

Easy Cleaning Maintenance

Due to the material, they are produced, they absorb more dirt. However, even with a lot of dirt, it is easy to clean; just with a broom, you can remove all the excess dust from the doormat like a locker room mats for example. If you need it, you can wash it, but you must be careful and not use cleaning products that can damage its durability.

Works As A Decorative Accessory

You can make your decor even better with this accessory, as it is possible to customize according to the colors of your environment; you can add designs and elements that are part of the personality of the place.


These accessories are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Because it manages to promote benefits on both sides, for example, on the inside, the doormat helps to reduce possible damage to the floor of the place. It manages to keep the environment clean on the outside as it is accessible for people to clean their feet before entering.


The mats custom for companies is more than an accessory simple decor and cleanliness of the environment. Because as you noticed, it is a great tool to work internal marketing to fix your brand in the memory of people who visit your commercial establishment.