June 15, 2024

Pets are loved by people all around the globe. For old aged people, dogs and cats provide valuable companionship and also help in reducing anxiety, stress or loneliness. But care is also to be taken of these pets which are not easy. They require bathing, feeding and many more expenses too. Maintaining the health of a pet is hard as you will need to take your pet for vaccine shots, a good and healthy food routine etc.

There are also different levels of the quality of pet food, just like the food that we eat. When you buy a bag of pet food, it comes with a guaranteed analysis of the ingredients that are in the food. You can gain more information about the percentage of carbohydrates or proteins etc. that is in the bag.

Cat owners know that a proper cat diet is needed for a cat where bad commercial food should be avoided. You can tell if the cat food is worth buying by reading the ingredients. Many Commercial cat food companies have “meat and bone meal” as the primary ingredient but what people don’t know is that sometimes meat and bone meal is a mixture of diseased tissues, bone parts and sometimes even the remains of other dogs or cats.

Euthanized animals are used by many commercial cat food companies because of the illness in the pet food. Also avoid buying cat food which has preservatives in it as they are cancer-causing chemicals or any artificial colors added, they can have a negative impact on the health of your precious cat.

Do remember that the Premium Cat food in Bangalore has good quality human grade ingredients. Proper cat diet can be difficult if you don’t know about this. Companies say that they use human grade ingredients in their cat food but in reality they only use one or a couple of ingredients that are actually worth human consumption.

A good quality cat food contains chicken meal that is only made from the flesh, skin and bones of a chicken. While picking your cat food, try to search the ones which have natural preservatives such as Vitamin E and minerals like copper, zinc or iron as they are crucial for a cat’s diet.

Most of the pet food manufacturers have no problem selling low quality cat food to customers as long as their strategy is working which results in deterioration of the health of millions of cats.