Industrial robots are a major part of the industrial revolution. These robots are automated machines that move on two or three axes with the main purpose of carrying out the task of production in an automated manner. The use of an industrial robot can be seen in most of the industries where they are used to carry out many activities of production. Apart from production, these industrial robots are also a part of the supply chain of businesses.

What’s worthy to note is that the best of the international production units have created a balance between human resources and automated labor. They have not eliminated the need for human intelligence to carry out the production tasks, but with the industrial revolution 4.0 coming up with technologies like IioT, it is not a farfetched thought that the major part of production labor will be these automated devices. 

Types Of Industrial Robots

Numerous types of industrial robots are there in the industry. It is also a point to be noted that the technology industry is coming up with new industrial robots every day so it is impossible to make a list of all industrial robots in the market. 

Some robots manage production tasks like sorting, picking, assembling, disassembling, and many more. There is a huge number of industrial robots that are developed to manage the supply chain of the business, these robots are equipped with data analytics techniques so that they always have the tally of quantity. 

A new category of quality checks industrial robots are coming up that are mainly developed to check the quality of the finished products. These robots are pre-loaded with the industry standards and compliance mechanism which are used to check the quality of the finished product.  


The advantages of adopting industrial robots are quite obvious, these robots conduct the task of production in an automated manner, and this directly helps in saving time and costs. It helps you to eliminate the issue of human fatigue that leads to hampering production for some time. Industrial robots allow businesses to carry out the task of production 24/7.  

It may seem that the elimination of human intelligence is not a viable option but when you will employ IIoT technology, you will not feel the same. There is a chance of mistake when you employ human resources but when you will employ the IIoT industry robots, there will be no chance of any discrepancy.

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