May 20, 2024

Nashville, TN Sunrise Aerial

Relocating is a physical and psychological endeavor. However, there is plenty of stress that accompanies migration. Why do people move? The answer is big life changes like marriage, job, or family. These are clear reasons, but there are some unclear ones, why many retirees, professionals, and students are relocating to Tennessee every year. 

If you are planning a move to Tennessee, then you will need to hire movers for your cross-country relocation. Besides, you can consider Ship a Car, Inc. to ship a car to TennesseeIf you are still unsure of your relocating to a new home in Tennessee then here are some good reasons. 

Low taxes

A practical reason to migrate to Tennessee is that the residents don’t have to pay income tax on their wages to the state. Currently, there is a flat tax levied on every income got from interest and dividends from bonds & stocks. The property taxes are also too low for the resident. It is the lowest in the US.

Top-notch healthcare system

All across the state, the healthcare facilities and hospitals are the best. Several best doctors work in Tennessee. Excellent hospitals include Baptist Memorial Hospital, CHI Memorial Hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical center, and Ascension St. Thomas Hospital. 

Low cost of living

No income tax at the state level and low property tax are two great reasons, people find it affordable to reside comfortably in Tennessee. The index score associated with the cost of living is 87.6, which is below the national average. The median home price is around $164,500, which is relatively affordable than the Nashville listing price at $349,900 and Memphis at $150,000.

Throbbing job market

Tennessee has a flourishing economy and multiple large companies, so finding employment is possible. The large companies include HCA Healthcare, FedEx, LifePoint Health, Dollar General, and Cracker Barrel. Besides multiple businesses, numerous top-notch education facilities, and a tax-friendly environment, Tennessee has no issue in attracting talent.

Incredible music scene

Tennessee is more than home to great music groups ranging from Elvis Presley and B. B. King to Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash. The state is a center for all kinds of music like soul, rock ‘n’ roll, country, blues, and R&B. If music is your passion then you can enjoy living in the Music City, where lots of music festivals get hosted with live performances.

Climate is suitable

It is a place, which experiences all four seasons. The climate variation depends on the state. The overall weather is mild to moderate all year. In Tennessee, a harsh climate is rare. Summers are warm and enjoyable, winters are chilly, and falls burst with foliage. 

Heavenly food and dining options

From renowned elegant cuisine to southern classic, Tennessee offers an iconic food & dining scene. The chefs are BBQ maestros and you can check the mouthwatering menus. There is something even for the vegan culture that will fill their taste buds with joy. 

You can migrate to multiple popular cities like Brentwood, Knoxville, Franklin, Hendersonville, Chattanooga, Germantown, Johnson City, Memphis, Collierville, and more. You can choose an urban vibrant metropolis or a serene mountain town, there is a place you can call a home in Tennessee.